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Legal Representation for Child Custody Disputes and Establishing Paternity in Massachusetts

Child custody and visitation is often emotional and difficult issue for parents in divorce as well as in post-divorce situations. It also arises as an issue for unmarried parents in paternity actions where a father must prove his parentage to seek any type of custody arrangements for his biological child.A parent and child with full custody in Massachusetts

If you are seeking or contesting custody whether through a divorce or after a paternity case or later after custody orders have been issued by the court, we strongly urge you to seek representation from a Westford family law attorney who is experienced in these matters.

Dedicated to Reaching the Best Possible Outcome for Your Paternity or Custody Case

At Ryder & Phelps, P.C., our team of family lawyers has the experience and dedication you need in seeking the best possible outcome for your case. It is important to understand that courts operate on the policy of resolving parenting issues based on the best interests of the child, as opposed to the wishes of the parents. 

Our team understands this principle because Attorney Ryder has routinely acted as a Guardian ad Litem working to discover and advise courts as to the best interest of children throughout her career. This experience gives our law firm a unique advantage in working with parents in resolving custody issues, whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. 

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Protecting Your Child's Best Interests

When it comes to child custody and paternity cases, the most important factor is always the well-being and best interests of the child. At Ryder & Phelps, our dedicated team of lawyers is committed to advocating for the rights of both parents while prioritizing the needs of the child.

Our experienced attorneys understand the complexities of child custody and paternity laws in Massachusetts and will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights as a parent are protected. We are here to guide you through the legal process, provide compassionate support, and fight for the best possible outcome for your case.

Whether you are facing a custody dispute or need assistance in establishing paternity, our team is ready to provide the legal representation and guidance you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards protecting your child's future.

Commonly Asked Questions

What factors do courts consider when determining child custody in Westford, MA?

Courts consider several factors when determining child custody, including the child's relationship with each parent, the ability of each parent to provide a stable environment, the child's adjustment to their home, school, and community, and the mental and physical health of all individuals involved.

Can grandparents or other relatives seek custody or visitation rights in Westford, MA?

Yes, under Massachusetts law, grandparents, and other relatives may seek custody or visitation rights if it is in the best interest of the child. However, the process and requirements for such cases can be complex, so it's advisable to seek legal representation.

What are the different types of child custody arrangements available in Westford, MA?

In Westford, MA, the different types of child custody arrangements include physical custody (where the child resides), legal custody (decision-making authority), sole custody (one parent has both physical and legal custody), joint custody (shared physical and legal custody), and split custody (each parent has custody of different children).

How does the court determine paternity in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, paternity can be established through voluntary acknowledgment, a court order, or through genetic testing. Once paternity is established, the father may seek custody or visitation rights.

What role does a Guardian ad Litem play in child custody cases in Westford, MA?

A Guardian ad Litem is appointed by the court to investigate and make recommendations regarding the best interests of the child in custody cases. Their role is to represent the child's interests and provide the court with information and recommendations to help determine custody arrangements.

How Does Child Custody Work in Massachusetts?

Child custody is broken down into two types in Massachusetts. These include:

  • Legal Custody
    • This gives a parent the right to make decisions on behalf of the child, such as those involving schooling, healthcare, religion, extracurricular activities, and more.  This can be joint (shared) or sole custody given to only one parent.
  • Physical Custody
    • This gives a parent the right to have the child reside with him or her, whether through a shared parenting plan or where one parent is given sole custody based on a determination that the other parent poses a safety risk for the child. Sole custody generally occurs where a history of domestic violence has been established. 

Generally, courts favor joint custody arrangements. This is because it is viewed as being in the best interests of the child, allowing him or her to maintain a frequent and continuing relationship with both parents. 

Parenting plans can be as specific or flexible as is necessary to meet a child’s needs, although the more specific the plan, the less chance exists for later disputes over time spent with children. 

Is Ma a 50/50 Custody State?

No, Massachusetts is not a 50/50 custody state. Massachusetts is an equitable division state, meaning judges will try to split property equitably during a divorce. Massachusetts courts also view parental responsibilities as gender-neutral, and final custody arrangements are always based on the best interests of the child. 

Both parents have the right to seek custody of their children and child custody arrangements are not based on gender, lifestyle, or one’s religion. 

How Can a Mother Get Full Custody in Massachusetts?

A mother must petition the court system to get sole custody in Massachusetts. The mother must provide reasons why she should be the sole custodian of the child, including why her partner is unfit or a danger to the child. 

Mothers are not given favor over fathers when the courts are determining child custody arrangements.

The Importance of Establishing Paternity for Unmarried Fathers

Unmarried mothers are given automatic custody of their children. Unmarried fathers have no custody rights unless they establish paternity after which they must file a separate action to seek legal/physical rights to their children through the courts. 

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    How is Custody Determined in Massachusetts?

    If you and your spouse can agree on legal and physical custody, you can create your own parenting plan and present it to the court. Courts will generally approve of such plans unless they find them in violation of the child’s best interests. 

    What is Included in a Parenting Plan?

    These plans generally include: 

    1. Visitation schedule 
    2. Laying out the time spent with each parent 
    3. Determining how holidays, vacations, and other special events will be handled 
    4. How parents will decide on the legal issues of education, healthcare, and more 
    5. How parents will resolve any custody disagreements

    Determining Factors for Court Ruled Custody Plans

    If parents cannot agree on custody, the court will make a ruling on the matter after considering many factors. These factors can include but are not limited to:

    • Each parent’s ability to provide a stable home environment and provide for the child
    • Each parent’s relationship with the child
    • How custody arrangements will affect the child’s daycare or schooling, social, and community activities
    • Each parent’s willingness and ability to cooperate with the other and to encourage the child’s relationship with the other
    • Each parent’s moral fitness and mental, and physical health
    • Any other relevant factor

    Our law firm can help you negotiate or mediate a fair custody arrangement that will align with the child’s best interests. If these methods fail, we can prepare and present your case for custody before the judge in court hearings. 

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